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Ken Jackson Voice Productions (THANKS, I'm DOWN HERE)

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Ken Jackson Voice Productions  "A voice is worth a thousand pictures"

Our Mission:  To professionally produce your voice talent project needs to your absolute satisfaction.  When was the last time you heard: "What ever happened to good old fashioned customer service?"  Answer:  "It's alive and well at Ken Jackson Voice Productions - at least for the type and quality work I produce".
Here's a service you won't find anywhere else:  I do "Personal voice messaging for your home phone".  Professional quality using the script you want.  I can do it and deliver it for a very small fee. (Please - no requests for indecent, vulgar, or sexually offensive messages - I just don't go there)

My motto:  "Hear me once and you'll hire me twice" ,Or as have most of my clients, you'' hire me many times more.

My History:

My career in commercial broadcasting began my senior year in high school.  After a few years of "on the job training" I enrolled in a professional broadcasting school and graduated with honors.
That was many years ago.  Since then my career has included working at radio stations from Florida to Utah as a DJ, news reporter and anchor, talk show host in Florida and Utah, writer and producer for a successful gubernatorial candidate and the voice for the entire campaign state wide.  I have a degree in Business with a minor in Marketing and from my broadcast background was a member of Toastmasters graduating with a 3.8 GPA. 
Today I am semi-retired and from my own well equipped studio I write, edit and produce every type of voice production from audio books to instructional videos for training purposes as well as business presentations.  I also can be heard now at many airports as the voice that asks you to: "not leave your luggage unattended" etc.  I also record extensive auto-attendant messaging services for national and international clients, plus many other projects where a professional speaking voice is needed.
As part of my history and will remain a part of my future, I have not and will not be the voice for any adult, vulgar or otherwise innapropriate recordings.  Porn, Gay, and adult web sites need not apply.

Ken Jackson Voice Productions