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The Washington Temple
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

  Oh God the Eternal Father
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Temple Dedication:  November 19, 1974 by Spencer W. Kimball.
Location:  9900 Stoneybrook Drive; Kensington, Maryland (in a  wooded site in Kensington, Maryland, near Exit 20 of the Capital Beltway -- Interstate 495 -- a half-hour drive from downtown Washington, D.C.).
Site:  52 acres selected in 1962.
Exterior Finish:  Reinforced concrete sheathed in 173,000 square feet of Alabama white marble.
Temple Design:  Six-spire design.
Number of Rooms:  Six ordinance rooms and fourteen sealing  rooms.
Total Floor Area:  160,000 square feet.
Current Temple Schedule:   Washington Temple Schedule

Dedicatory Prayer Excerpt:  "We are grateful that Thou didst  cause this land to be rediscovered and settled by people who founded a great nation with an inspired constitution guaranteeing freedom in which there could come the glorious restoration of the gospel and the Church of Thy Beloved Son. And now we present to Thee this beautiful temple, provided by the sacrifice of Thy people who love Thee devotedly."

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