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The Vernal Utah Temple
        The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Come Come Ye Saints
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Temple Dedication:  November 2, 1997 by Gordon B. Hinckley.
  Location:  170 South 400 West; Vernal, Utah (about 180 miles east of  Salt Lake City).
  Site:  1.6 acres.
  Exterior Finish:  Face brick.
  Temple Design:  Adaptation of Uintah Stake Tabernacle.
  Number of Rooms:  Two ordinance rooms and three sealing.
  Total Floor Area:  33,400 square feet.
  Current Temple Schedule:   Vernal Utah Temple Schedule

  Dedicatory Prayer Excerpt:  "We are grateful for this beautiful  new structure which utilizes the historic tabernacle built by Thy people nearly a century ago. The original tabernacle came of a great spirit of faith and sacrifice on the part of those Saints who settled in this area. It was built as an offering unto Thee, and was held in the affections of the people long after it was used as a house of worship.  "Now that old and much-loved building has become the centerpiece of a new and beautiful House of the Lord. It has a quiet luster all its own. We thank Thee for the use to which it has been put."

  Comments:  The Church did something unique in the history of temple construction when it constructed the Vernal Utah temple. The shell of the old stake tabernacle in Vernal, Utah, was restored to its original appearance and temple facilities were built inside. This is the first time an older building has been restored for use as a temple.

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