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Lake Applet created by:  Ken Jackson

  Temple Dedication:  April 6, 1893 by Wilford Woodruff
  Location:  50 West North Temple Street; Salt Lake City, Utah (on Temple Square in the center of Salt Lake City)
  Site:  10 acres selected July 28, 1847, by Brigham Young.
  Exterior Finish:  Granite quarried from Little Cottonwood Canyon 20 miles to the southeast of Salt Lake City.
  Temple Design:  Six-spire design suggestive of Gothic and other classical styles but unique, distinctive, and symbolic.
  Number of Rooms:  One ordinance room and four sealing.
  Total Floor Area:  253,015 square feet (including the temple annex).
  Current Temple Schedule:   Salt Lake Temple Schedule

  Dedicatory Prayer Excerpt:  "O Lord, we regard with intense and indescribable feelings the completion of this sacred house. Deign to accept this the fourth temple which Thy covenant children have been assisted by Thee in erecting in these mountains. In past ages Thou didst inspire with Thy Holy Spirit Thy servants, the prophets, to speak of the time in the latter days when the mountain of the Lord's house should be established in the tops of the mountains, and should be exalted above the hills. We thank Thee that we have had the glorious opportunity of contributing to the fulfillment of these visions of Thine ancient seers, and that Thou hast condescended to permit us to take part in the great work."

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