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The San Diego Temple

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

  The Spirit of God
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Temple Dedication:  April 25, 1993 by Gordon B. Hinckley.
Location:  7474 Charmant Drive; San Diego, California (in the northern part of the city of San Diego near the suburb of La Jolla on a ridge above the San Diego Freeway).
Site:  7.2 acres.
Exterior Finish:  Marble chips in plaster.
Temple Design:  Modern design with two major towers.
Number of Rooms:  Four ordinance rooms and eight sealing.
Total Floor Area:  82,447 square feet.
Current Temple Schedule:   San Diego Temple Schedule

Dedicatory Prayer Excerpt:  "We thank thee that hundreds of  thousands of men and women of various faiths and philosophies have had the opportunity of walking through this sacred house prior to this time of dedication. May an attitude of respect and reverence grow within them. May very many of them be stirred to seek and learn the truths of thy restored work that they too might become eligible to enjoy the blessings offered herein. May any voices of criticism be stilled and any words of disrespect be silenced."

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