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The  Provo Temple

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

The Lord Is My Shepard
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Lake Applet created by:  Ken Jackson

Temple Dedication:  February 9, 1972 by Joseph Fielding Smith
Location:  2200 Temple Hill Drive; Provo, Utah (at the entrance of Rock Canyon on the east bench of Provo)
Site:  17 acres.
Exterior Finish:  White cast stone; gold anodized aluminum grills; bronze glass panels; single spire finished in gold and anodized aluminum.
Temple Design:  Modern and functional single spire design.
Number of Rooms:  Six ordinance rooms and twelve sealing.
Total Floor Area:  115,000 square feet.
Current Temple Schedule:   Provo Temple Schedule

Dedicatory Prayer Excerpt:  "Our souls are troubled and we weep because of the wickedness of the world and the evils that abound on every hand. Out of deep concern, therefore, we pray for the youth of Zion, for the young and rising generation, for those who must now prepare themselves to bear up the kingdom in their time and season. Keep them from evil; hedge up the way so they may not fall into sin and be overcome by the world. O Lord, bless the youth of Zion and us their leaders that we may guide and direct them aright. We know that Thy kingdom shall roll onward and that hosts of the                 young and rising generation shall yet stand forth in power and great glory as witnesses of Thy name and teachers of Thy law. Preserve them, O our God; enlighten their minds and pour out upon them Thy Holy Spirit, as they prepare for the great work that shall rest upon them. Let that great temple of learning, the Brigham Young University, and all that is associated with it, and all other Church schools, institutes, and seminaries be prospered to the full."

Comments:  The First Presidency announced in 1967 that two new temples were to be built in Utah. The Provo and Ogden Temples would be the first to be erected in Utah in over seventy-five years. The Presidency explained that fifty-two percent of all temple work being done in the Church was being done in the Salt Lake, Logan, and Manti temples. Rather than expand these existing temples, the Church decided to build two new ones that would help reduce the travel time required by the Saints.  For years the hill just northeast of downtown Provo had been called  "Temple Hill," but in 1911, the Maeser Building of Brigham Young University was constructed there. The campus continued to grow to the north and east, but in 1967, seventeen acres at the mouth of Rock Canyon remained undeveloped even though the property was surrounded by subdivisions. Easily visible from most parts of the Utah Valley, this became the site for the Provo Temple. Church architect Emil B. Fetzer designed the functional Provo and Ogden temples. Efficiency and convenience were the prime goal of this project. He was to create a design that would accommodate a large number of people but at a reasonable cost. The six ordinance room design        evolved. These rooms would be surrounded by an exterior hallway and all adjoin the central Celestial Room. He reported that the idea for this arrangement came to him when he read about a similarly designed park developed in Denmark.  The dedication was able to be completed in only two sessions because several large auditoriums on the BYU campus carried the proceedings. The silent throngs that left the 23,000-seat Marriott Center was truly an amazing experience. Since its construction, the Provo temple has led the Church in the total number of endowments performed for the dead, even when the estimated participation from Brigham Young University and the Missionary Training Center was eliminated.

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