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The Portland Temple
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Families Can Be Together Forever
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Temple Dedication:  August 19, 1989 by Gordon B. Hinckley.
Current Temple Schedule:    Portland Oregon Temple Schedule
Location:  13600 SW Kruse Oaks Blvd.; Lake Oswego, Oregon (in a wooded suburb about 10 miles southwest of downtown Portland in the northwest corner of Oswego next to Interstate 5).
Site:  The land was originally purchased by the Church in the 1960's to be used for a junior college. However, 7.3 acres were later chosen as a temple site.
Exterior Finish:  White marble walls and slate roof.
Temple Design:  A six-spire design.
Number of Rooms:  Four ordinance rooms and fourteen sealing.
Total Floor Area:  65,000 square feet.

Dedicatory Prayer Excerpt:  "May a spirit of solemnity rest upon all who enter herein. Open to their vision a glimpse of Thy great and everlasting designs. Bless all who shall preside and serve in this
house, now and in the years to come. Give them strength according to their need. Give them faith to accomplish Thy work. Give them that love which is the essence of the gospel of Christ. Bless Thy work in all the earth. Look down upon Thy people everywhere, and open the windows of heaven and shower blessings upon the faithful. We remember before Thee the needy and distressed. May we reach out to
help and sustain them wherever they may be."

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