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The  Las VegasTemple

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Oh God The Eternal Father
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Temple Dedication:  December 16, 1989 by Gordon B. Hinckley
Location:  827 Temple View Drive; Las Vegas, Nevada (on the east side of Las Vegas at the edge of a residential area on the slope of Frenchman Mountain)
  Site:  10.3 acres.
  Exterior Finish:  White precast stone walls and copper roof and detailing.
  Temple Design:  A six-spire design.
  Number of Rooms:  Four ordinance rooms and six sealing.
  Total Floor Area:  80,900 square feet.
Current Temple Schedule:   Las Vegas Temple Schedule

  Dedicatory Prayer Excerpt:  "We thank Thee for this beautiful  temple, this house of worship, of learning, of covenants and everlasting promises. We thank Thee for the faith and skills of all who have contributed to make it possible. It stands in this community which has become an oasis in the desert. As men have brought water to the dry earth of this region it has become fruitful, and now as a crowning jewel stands Thy holy house with its surrounding lawns of green, its beds of colorful flowers, and the trees and shrubs which enhance its beauty. Within its walls are to be tasted the refreshing waters of living and eternal truth. For all who enter the portals of Thy house may this be an oasis of peace and life and light, in contrast with the clamor               and evil and darkness of the world. It stands where it will be seen by multitudes of the generations of men. May all who look upon it regard it reverently as the house of the Lord."

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