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Ken at Joseph Smith's log cabin in Palmyra, New York

I love to travel

A few years ago on a Caribbean cruise (and it's a Virgin Mary)
Oh! how I love to travel  !!!

Sometimes I just like to lazy 'round my condo...
Let' see,,, Women,,,Yep, I remember 'em,,,Now for some football!!!
"Radix Lecti"
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I have lots of fun hobbies that I enjoy spending time working on.  I build web sites, I love photography, and I do so love to write and compose.  I am a devotee of Latin.  English is a wonderful language yet it lacks the true ability to communicate "thoughts" without tons of verbiage.  Latin allows the communication of the "heart" in the simplest forms.  One of my favorite Latin phrases speaks to my heart and at the same time tells who and what I am.  It tells what I have become because of the experiences I've known as I have traveled the highways and side roads of this mortal sphere of existence.

" Gutta Cavat Lapidem , Non Vi Sed Saepe Cadendo"

It means, "The drop excavates the stone ,  not with force but by falling often".

and one more:

"Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est"

"Knowledge is Power"

Because of the love and mercy of our Beloved Heavenly Father, I no longer have to write about my lonliness.  Because on Thursday, March 15, 2001 I proposed to she who will be my eternal bestest buddy in the Denver Temple.  Just to say thank you to all those who wrote to me, I'll leave this page up for awhile.  But be assured of this, my lifelong search is over.  That which was promised to me in my patriarchal blessing many many years ago, will come to pass before the summer is over.  Thank you again and may the Lord bles you and keep you.  May you all find your very own eternal "bestest buddy",,,I can assure you that I have....

I spend lot's of time in the magnificent Rockies where I live.

Here I'm on one of my backpacking camping trips.
(Summer of course)
a bear took the picture!!!

Another of my "favorite" hobbies is music.  I could sit and "experience" a great concert in ways that are difficult to explain - even in Latin.  Example:  On one of the rows in the Tabernacle on Temple Square, directly in the center of the most acoustically perfect spot of one of the most acoustically perfect buildings on earth are very distinctive fingernail marks in the wooden seat that are mine.  Placed there during any number of the many recitals given by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir at Christmas, or on any Sunday morning at 9:00 AM for their weekly broadcast.  As they perform and do it in such a way as only the Mormon Tabernacle Choir can - as they reach that point where the majesty of the music becomes the experience I speak of, my very body hears every voice, every note, and every vibration of that great organ, and my hands cannot help but grasp the seat as the whole of it permeates my very being.  The tears flow and I tremble with joy and excitement.

Another example is the beauty and joy I can experience from great performers such as Yanni, Enya, and more recently "2002" as they perform music that pierces my soul.  These are the moments I do so love to "experience" with my sweetheart held ever so closely and the passion of it all flows back and forth between us.  (It's OK to read between the lines there.)

Another is the joy of ballroom dancing.  Holding (that),,,,now MY precious sweetheart close or swaying to and fro in sync with the beat of the music is one very good example of what the Prophet meant when he declared that as part of out faith we should understand that:  "Man is - that he might have joy".

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If I were to say here that what you have read is not yet the "deep" side of me you might just turn tail and run... The fact is, I have only touched upon some of the things that I know and have great joy in. 

I know with an understanding that is about as close as I imagine that I could know without actually have a "sure knowledge" that Jesus Christ is the Savior of all mankind.  I know that Joseph Smith was and is a prophet of God and that the true and everlasting Church has been restored here upon the earth.  I know that every thing we, the children of God need, is upon the Earth now that can enable us to return to His presence.  That return will only be complete with our eternal companion by our side because there is no other way that we could return to His presence, and have all that He has promised us we can have, and that my dear friend is very simply to have all that He has.  What joy, what sweet precious joy it is to know these things.  Thus I am here, on this site using it as one tool to help me find the one who will know such joys and wonders at my side - as we live worthily and are deserving of His blessings because we have lived and worked together in righteousness to bring them to pass.  THAT is my goal!!!  Nothing less is acceptable!!  And there is no doubt in my mind that achieving these blessings are possible.  There also exists  a very good understanding that everything is  predicated upon obedience to divine and eternal laws.

Now, my search is over.  She is sacred unto me.  She is my queen and we will kneel across a sacred alter and be joined as man and wife for time and all eternity, and it will happen within months.

She will remain "sacred"  to me for she is precious beyond precious and I love her more than my own life breath.  I am eternally gratefull to my Father in Heaven for His mercy and kindness for TRULY His hand is in this.  So much so that we were given special permission to sit alone in the Celstial Room before going through a session where we visited for about 40 minutes.  There the Spirit was "free and unrestrained" and the message was very clear....  "This time Brother Jackson, this time it is forever"..

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Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est