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Is it possible that in all the world there can be anything more beautiful and precious than a man and a woman who love one another. Totally and completely in love so as always to put the other first. In an ideal world perhaps. But I humbly submit that the formula for just such a relationship is among us now. Such as when a man first meets a woman and falls head over heels in love. Love that is quickly evidenced by his words and actions. The letters he writes, the flowers he sends, the promises he makes. The  things of which so many songs and poems have been written over the years. The formula seems to be perfect doesn't it? The problems come when the new wears off. It seems to be a frailty within our makeup that causes us to enjoy the search but lose in the endurance. So if the formula is perfect, and we are not, how then can we find a happy medium in which to be successful at this thing called love? I submit that it is a combination of one's inner make-up and his willingness to hold fast to the things that are in the end the only real happiness. >From such ideas we have learned that, "hind-sight is always 20/20, Experience is the best teacher, and the best things in life are free", and no doubt many more. My experiences in life have taught me many things and from all those experiences I cherish this the most - Should I be so blessed as to find that one precious woman with whom I can share eternity, that the words and actions will be real and very sincere, the poems and letters will be written from the heart, and the flowers will never stop coming. From all that is good and natural under God's creation, there can truly be nothing more precious than this; Finding the right mate, applying the formula, and enduring the trials and tribulations of life together. Will I die a hopeless romantic with such ideals never realized? To think that I will is to deny all that my heart and soul tells me is true. And what is life without hope.
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Picture - Ken Jackson
Picture - Ken Camping Rocky Mtns.

On a trip to the Dallas, Texas "Mormom" Temple in early March, 1999
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   When a Man Loves a Woman...

"Oh! That I could stand on the street corners of time and gather, as in a beggars cup, all the wasted moments of my life.." Words written by the hand of one who has lived and learned. Is it unreasonable to wonder why we cannot be born with years of learning and experience already available to us. It is probably just such concepts that have given birth to ideas like; "If I could have life to live over again, or, if I knew then what I know now,,etc., etc." Since it is unrealistic to consider that we can have again all the lost time from our lives so as to correct the mistakes made, maybe it is best to consider looking closely at what has been learned and vowing never to make the same mistakes again. Certainly to use well the knowledge gained from such mistakes so as to be the person we could have been all along. It is for that reason that I truly hope to find that special woman and shower her with love and affection from the beginning and continue for the eternity's to come. To fill her with love and adoration until her cup overflows, and then in humility keep all that overflows for myself. Such are the ideals of a hopeless romantic, or so it has been said of me. This, however, I know for sure - How can we ever hope to achieve greatness in anything in life, if first we do not aim well beyond our reach. I live in a cabin just outside Aspen, Colorado. I am situated at about 7,000 feet above
sea level and the beauty and majesty of the Colorado Rockies are all around me. What a beautiful place to live, to grow, to enjoy all the pleasures the mountains have to offer. Not the least of which is to look upon such awesome splendor and be inspired to write the words of my heart. If you would like to visit me on the net and talk about life, love and all the ups and downs thereof, please don't hesitate to write me,,,anytime,,, -  Just Click Here To Write Me

 I'm not always this serious!
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I LOVE to dance !
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This is me sitting around the cabin thinking about life, the mysteries of the Universe, getting old, not getting younger, my hair falling out (well not yet anyway, but I think about it), spending the rest of my life all alone, and lot's more fun stuff !!

Sometimes I think about the georgeous lady who will be my eternal companion 

Sometimes I feel like Cheetah Running . Sometimes I don't.  Sometimes I just  alot.

I love to travel ! Not too long ago I went to San Francisco.
Picture - Ken in San Francisco
And a few years ago I went on a Carribbean cruise !
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