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Love is...As Love Does...
Today is the first day of the rest of my life!  One of the true blessings of life is life itself. How very grateful I am that God has granted me another day to live.  Even though many of the yesterdays of my life are filled with memories that I would just as soon forget, I can relish the joy of knowing that all my tommorrows are yet to be fulfilled.  To consider that God does not intend that man should live alone, I have the comfort of knowing that as I live and try to do as my Heavenly Father would have me do, that He will not forsake me.  Somewhere, even as I write these words, lives and breathes she who will be my eternal companion.  I know in my heart that I love her now, I will love her more when I meet her, and I will love her even more as we travel the eternities together.  Who knows, she 
could be reading these words right now.  I sincerely 
look forward to the time when we will at last meet, 
fall in love, and rewrite for ourselves all the love stories ever written.  On that day we can then rewrite the 
words above.  That day will then become the first day 
of the rest of our  lives  If you are single, sincere, attractive on the inside and on the outside as well, love life and love to be loved, then write me. 
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Me and my son, Nephi,
in San Diego
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Just in case my Eternal Bride to be is reading this. I Love You , I can't wait to meet you ,cherish you,adore you,and hold you close forever.

A Rose by any other name - would pale beside you !
Rose Opens
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Beating Heart

LOVE is best kept when it is given. It has always 
impressed me that love is at it's greatest when it is 
shared. It also seems reasonable that it can only be 
truly shared when the one tries to out do the other 
in showing forth increased love. I do so enjoy watching a couple who are very obviously in love as they hold hands and walk unashamedly before the world so that all may see that which they feel inside. "When a man loves a woman" there is nothing he will not do to prove that love. The true test comes when time passes and the "newness" wears off. If, on the other hand, much time passes and the "newness" remains - the proof then is shown that "Love is, as love does".

Ken Jackson 

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This is me at home as I contemplate all that 
was,,, and was not in my life gone by. 
This is the look on my face when I think of my 
life ahead,, with my new and eternal mate. 
Cheetah Runnin'
This is me chasing her around the cabin, and 
around the table, and around the, well you get 
the point.  I'll always chase her, until she 
catches me.
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 I'm also a poet...
"Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue -
Some Poems Rhyme,
But this one don't!!"
O.K.,,,maybe not,,,yet.