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To all our professionals AVeryMerryChristmasandHappyNewYear!

To Jeff Griggs
For winning the final draw for the Color TV.
Thank you all for coming to the Christmas party.

News from your Safety Department

Congratulations !! To all the winners of last quarters Safety Awards.  The beautiful black leather jacket has received rave reviews and will be a cherished prize for years to come. Wear it with PRIDE.  You earned it and your company is very proud of you!!

The new Safety Teams have been posted for the first quarter of 2001.  As promised in recent meetings, efforts have been made to more effectively arrange the teams so that they more accurately reflect each motor coach operators team efforts.  In addition to the team awards, Ken Jackson, District Safety Manager has announced that starting next quarter there will be individual "Merit Awards" handed out.  "I feel that every one of our Professional Operators deserves recognition based upon their individual efforts"; Ken said.

Safety Managers Corner

I want each of you to know how much you are appreciated for all that you do to help make ours the best "bus company" in the business.  Every time you get behind the wheel of that big beautiful Coach USA bus you are the first point of contact with our customers and those you share the road with.  It may seem sometimes that you don't get all the recognition you deserve.  I know what it takes to handle a 47,000 pound bus filled with precious passengers up and down the second most dangerous highway in the State of Colorado (CDOT).  Every successful and safe trip you make is a job well done.  You are a valuable asset to Coach USA and you are appreciated.  My door is always open and I appreciate your help and suggestions.  An example:  At a customer service meeting we held recently it was mentioned by those in attendance that our "wrapped" buses had a visibility problem from the front left and right passenger windows often used by drivers to check their "cushion of safety".  Within an hour after the meeting the wraps were completely removed.  Thank you for bringing this to my attention. More of these meetings are planned for the near future and special thanks are offered to your Operations manager, Mike Rivera, for his support. The general manager, Corey Peters, is very supportive of our efforts in Safety and special thanks go to him as well.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the greatest group of professionals in the Western Region - YOU!

Ken Jackson

Contributions Invited!

This special link to our Coach USA - Denver main web site is constructed and maintained specifically for YOU, the Professional Motor Coach Operator.  I would like to invite you to submit material that you would like published on this page.  Generally, the page will be updated once a month.  Additions, however, such as special events, photos you take on charters or even special family events, interesting stories such as things that you would like to share about a recent charter trip or something special in your life are welcome.  Just see me anytime, or click below to email me directly and give me your prepared story, photos, or general information you would like shared and they will be posted immediately on this page.  Content will remain newsworthy and for public viewing of course.

Thanks.  Email me anytime with information, attachments, and suggestions.



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